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If you are struggling with toxic corporate politics, a lousy boss, endless days of business travel that takes you away from your family or the fear of what will happen to your job if your company merges or is acquired... 

...and you would like to own your work so you can live life on your terms as a business owner in a franchise you would love to own...  I can help!

Since 2004 I have coached, guided and mentored thousands of people who want to understand, explore and investigate franchise ownership. By the way... "My services are "always free".  
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Terry Finds Franchises! 

Karen Bitterle-Owner Welcomemat Services of Northwest Detroit

"There is no way I could have found and purchased this particular franchise without the guidance and expertise of Terry Coker and FranChoice. Thanks, Terry for a job well done!"

Steve Bugg-Owner
FibreNew of Clear Lake, Texas

"I don't know how Terry does it, but he found me the right franchise and helped me through every step of the process. I would never have found FibreNew and I would never have considered it without the help of Terry Coker!" 

Mathew Job-Owner Focal Point Coaching
Area Developer-Mich. 

"I didn't think Terry could do it... but he did. He spent time with me to learn what was important to me, what I wanted from my business and for my life. When he introduced Focal Point I had never heard of it... But it was everything I told Terry I wanted, and today I'm an owner!"